Tuesday, April 24, 2012

With clothes for string Bono played the cultural brand of rhythm

To culture brand, with artistic foil connotation, to process the concise quality is the Annunciation bird shape brand 100 years Albert cornerstone.In recent years, using the brand annotation dimension, Bono continued to show the cultural pursuit and praise, hope to national spirit in brand extension and diffusion, and continued to become the Chinese nation to create a luxury brand.
It is based on this kind of desire, fine series of gestation and became news towards the international top brands of pioneering work.
For news, the Chinese dress in the situation of East West rhyme, antiquity new law under the remodeling of typical national culture symbols and distinctive national costume language of the two elements.
New releases to moving the world brilliant.Because the clothes of Chinese meaning is not confined to practical, more shows the cultural spreading form, also means that the awakening of the national consciousness and national culture identity.

Elegant, noble taste, style, bearing news service
For China the remodeling on sublimation, rather than a Chinese elements interspersed.With oriental civilization as the main body, aided by Western cutting techniques is the core design concept.
At the same time, China's long clothing culture inheritance but also for the designers to provide a rich creative resources.In the culture of agglomeration artistic inspiration, to traditional materials, process, details Messenger sling bag khaki for women, shape version as the basis, combined with modern materials, concepts, finally give birth to both eastern and Western fine works restrained passion.

Focusing on luxury Chinese men, and looks at the profound cultural background of the upper-class social success, keep clothes series were doomed to brand culture and even luxury intersecting the development mode.
This model will drive consumer groups to form a kind of life ideology and the upper classes of society promoted by live model, and bring out the Oriental man Confucianism elegant temperament, unique taste and noble connotation.
Therefore pink Cool purse for women, keep clothes is not only comply with the requirements of the times products, but also becomes a symbol of, be affixed with strong ethnic flavor label.
Traditional, business, fashion, fine interpretation of bird of announce good news tendency
As a kind of reverence, keep trying to exit the stage of history with 1600 years of history of traditional crafts brocade and the current four famous embroidery and other Chinese best craft into the fashion avant-garde modern clothes design, so as to draw the outline of Chinese traditional dress charm.
Keep clothes series covers Chinese dress, shirt, vest, Chinese clothes, T-shirt, jacket, trousers, sweaters, Nepal to overcome a variety of category, at the same time to shoes, bag, jewelry and furniture products, artwork and other peripheral products expand, form independent luxury network.

Traditional luxury, commerce Tangzhuang, Tangzhuang daily three categories, can fully meet the senior banquet, business professionals and has a unique taste of fashion, young people demand.High quality materials, exquisite workmanship, and concise, atmospheric traditional fashion style, will become the spokesman of the national high-end apparel brand.

Current, Chinese market of costume brands and did not form a complete set, still in the low-end standard.News devoted to create fine luxury brand initiatives, is bound to the apparel market form a shock.
But, as the first Chinese News Tangzhuang brand sales in the European market grey Canvas shoulder bag, in enjoy opportunities at the same time, but also for the Chinese quintessence penetration to the world contribute force.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marie Kay makeup the upcoming spring Summer 2011

Marie Kay 2011 spring and summer makeup look -- color ink honeysuckle Theme Conference, will be on March 18, 2011 at 14: 00 in Fuzhou Westin Hotel at.The conference lasted summer makeup and fashion the perfect combination of art black girl book bag, fashion exquisite appearance, careful atmosphere layout, will give us a visual, auditory and spiritual shock, showing a trend of the event have a style of one's own.
During the spring and summer of 2011 the latest makeup is about to set off an upsurge!
In addition black canvas duffle bag strap, after the conference, the 19: 00-21: 00, will also specifically for Marie Kay member to hold a 2011 Fashion Night large festival, the organizers responsible person said "there is the most cutting-edge fashion trends, most top make-up show, the most delicate makeup deduction!By then, Marie Kay will lead consumers to experience a very visually stunning large Fashion night!"
From the United States, Marie Kay brand, created in 2006 by Cui Xiaohong lady.
Since the official stationed in China so far, Marie Kay always adhere to the excellent quality as the standard, to perfect makeup effect for the pursuit of, and continuously improve product research and development capabilities, fusion of fashion and innovation technology, frequently break outmodel conventions, with its unique and elegant temperament and the perseverance of art spirit Personalized travel bag rucksack for mens blue, committed to the Chinese women bring perfect makeup look.

Marie Kay advocate beauty concept is: confidence stems from our inner heart of self value and the social role value affirmation, healthy female beauty first from the independent spirit to follow and expression.


Monday, April 16, 2012

The sun and the sea met photographer Feng Hai Valentine tracts love mask

Let the fresh sea breeze blow summer heat, with a graceful blue Canvas college backpack, leisurely charm, enjoy relaxed beautiful sun and sea meet, unlimited extension of the horizon.Transparent or opaque white, show the Mediterranean leisure, relaxed feeling.
Left: blue and white striped Bikini PAUL SHARK AGN s B รจ white trousers with white leather shoes AGN keyword s b right: white one-piece vest DIESEL White Chiffon Skirt DIESEL blue with white dots with the AGN keyword s B I can't write, had to borrow my friend Liao Yimei's words, to identify these words is not difficult, because of her book there are many left me a pencil -- all love is sorrow, but even so, still we know that the most beautiful things.
Love is like a disease, an easily in the early summer of the infection, I have to heal it, because it's not worth mentioning, it is fleeting, it is subtle, it makes a good is ugly, seductive cry......In life we will encounter to leave her beloved person pain canvas backpack promo, it may be breaking up, may also be death, that even though we have prepared also unable to bear.
The only human should accept education is how to face such a pain, but no one ever taught me, we are only silently bear silently, fumble, silent despair.One day canvas duffle bags for him, when I realize that we do not have the talent to achieve happiness, young when long-term suffering my pain away.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ledu to build the children health natural adorable

With the unique romantic style run in the same groove, persist in one's old ways of creative, structure, color Ledu in concise outline and low-key attitude to create children's taste of the new fashion at the same time, will dress safety in the first place, made Ledu the maternal love and concern ingenious fusion of the season the trend of fashion design the essence of.

Warm but not dull, happy but not without exaggeration, fashion, elegant but not dull this is every 2011 New autumn and winter (Ledu) children as consumers feel directly.
Into the children's winter hot period, children's wear fabrics security become the parents for their children in the selection of clothes when most issue of concern.
While the practical health and fashion the coexistence of product characteristics is Ledu special consistent pursuit, also be Ledu always not principle.Based on the international fashion trends and accurate grasp of fashion psychology of children of in-depth study, Ledu garment material in ensuring safety at the same time, the lively, lovely, naivete of children's nature, and fashion elements into R & D design, wearing special products of Ledu children in behavior, bloom peculiar generous, fun, lively and dynamic fashion.

The selection of children for clothing, safety, health is the most important prerequisite.Boy girl baby styles, comfortable fabrics, become Ledu 2011 new flagship design concept.Hooded nitrile cotton plaid coat, hat with villous decoration, warm.
Hem and cuff rib edge, asymmetric button design, convenient wearing.The plaid design, simple and generous, baby is the ideal winter warm clothing.Children's physical weakness, resistance is poor, as a child of the second layer of protective film, Ledu children's wear full consideration of children's physiological characteristics, soft, breathable, comfortable, safe, healthy.
The finished products from procurement, production to packaging and shipment, each link after rigorous scientific processing, in line with the State Environmental requirements.
Secondly, from the functional fabrics and comfort to choose appropriate kids.
Pastel lovely conjoined clothes, wear convenient snap cardigan, lined with cotton material, having a comfortable touch, for free, in front of lovely prints, full of fun.Children in lively, no protective clothing consciousness, Ledu's strong, durable, selected material is not easy to wear, children's range of motion, skin sensitivity is high, Ledu children's wear design fully consider the clothes wearing comfort and rapid moisture wicking fabric function, so that not only wear comfortable, nature and can greatly demonstrate their purity and spirituality, and can give a person a kind of elegant, intelligent.

Finally, according to the benefit of the children's growth and development to choose the right style children's clothing.Hooded jacket, lined with plush design, warm and comfortable army green fanny pack, warm feeling in winter.
Cuff hem, the cold wind.Simple solid, side cardigan design Classic messenger bag small for mens KHAKI, convenient wearing, give full consideration to the nature of the child, the child is in the developmental stage, should by loose natural leisure clothing, wearing fine appearance, free and easy, relaxed relaxation clothes, usually play games, sports, very convenient, is conducive to the development of physical, can give a person a kind of gentle and lovely, comfortable, casual feeling.

The first quality, after the brand, Ledu in France for nearly 70 years successful sales can be reflected from the side of the brand of quality assurance.As Chinese market entrants, we will to higher standards, more stringent quality control of elongation, so that consumers feel in top fashion at the same time, on product quality truly.
Ledu special each manufacturer the equipment audit, social audit and security audit.In the production process, quality inspection personnel stationed in Ledu, long in the first line of production yellow Mini retro messenger bag, and the control of each line, each kind of safety supervision of active dye is added, and the production staff to conduct regular training.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Colorful swimsuit sexy charm of the ultimate choice

Sunshine, beach with beautiful swimsuit show sexy charm, the ultimate choice.Summer pours out of gorgeous color.Never too much.Only tropical rainforest tonal foiling afford summer sun!Saturated fine texture fullness, pop, hunting, youth small retro.
.....Each style is the material and color of the game canvas handbag, only the sexy how enough?
Pop Cai-yan bright color with the jump point wave patterns, and lovely with no deliberate, simple dress with saturated color, pop our summer life.

Pink dot Bikini Max Mara Emporio Armani PINK ring collar blue, yellow powder, resin, yellow braided pattern Bracelet Agatha light pink geometric Bracelet Marc by Marc Jacobs orange, Pink Bracelet Folli Follie ring Konplott
Knitting Color Bracelet Diane von Furstenberg retro orange stripe Bikini Chanel exaggerated animal texture decoration Earrings K V denim shorts, straw hat Zara
Minimalist crystal simple scattering lines, crystal elements appear to show, with simple swimwear, beautiful gorgeous there was an emphasis on become.

Flowers lattice crystal necklace Martine Wester white metal buckle Bikini La Perla18K Jin Xiangcai treasure rings, earrings Chaumet
Golden Bikini Diane von Furstenberg metal spike Necklace Chanel wood geometric Necklace Escada Gold Bracelet Wrist Watch Memento K color Diamond Cluster
North African jungle metal texture of cool, jungle totem nimble and resourceful, natural foliage depicted, it is gorgeous implicit interpretation of the wild hunt wind other fun.

Rhino horn Leather Necklace Herm keyword s resin ring necklace, tortoiseshell pattern cyclic resin collar Agatha Roberta Freymann at Lane fan-shaped metal necklace Crawford leopard canvas military duffle bags leg zipper, Rhinestone encrusted Bracelet Nanni Bracelet at Lane Crawford color leaf pattern Bikini La Perla rectangular color ring Konplott ring Philippe Audibert at Lane Crawford
Natural wood permeability of natural vitality of the wooden elements, immersed in the same color as the swimsuit, calm and lively one summer in the plot, the woman self temperament highlighted sublimation.

Hem spot printing Bikini La Perla foliage type silver antlers Necklace Bottega Veneta black boots Gucci gold boys Canvas shoulder bag khaki, silver ebony ring Agatha large wooden Bracelet K
Decorative color crystal ring Konplott
bracelets in enamel Herm keyword s Blue Green Enamel Bangle Bracelet Kate Spade Bikini Diane von Furstenberg purple geometric pattern density diamond jewelry watch Memento radiation strong metal necklace


The 09 summer bold harmonic dazzling color

09 spring and summer show, exaggeration Army green Backpacking, colorful palette makeup splendor Unisex hiking rucksack, learn the creative drama inspired encase canvas handbag, bold and dazzling color, the multilayer halo and contrast collision color into full play, plus the shiny diamond and Pearl textured punchline, visual tension full.

Gradient halo
With forehead and eye color, blooming out strong yet gentle makeup effect, black eyeliner sketch let eyes more clearly.
Gorgeous orange
Eye and lip that wipe the bright yellow, let nude make-up becomes eye-catching, and colorful colorful orange turban echo, natural transition, but added a few minutes of extravagance.

High profile blue yellow
Blue and yellow are the most common color, is also extremely sharp contrast color collision, flexible control of color ratio is very important.
Eye cheek color
Light makeup how to seem far glory?In the eye with few shining gems, or in cheek stain some color, are the punchline have great originality.

Dazzling blazing red
A large area of rendering enthusiastic red, then no other color cast, enough to make you become the focus of public attention.
Beautiful colorful
The saturation of high colour mix, can bring a memorable visual impact, color soft transitions between makeup feeling harmony is the key.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Learn How To Play Drums

Learn How To Play Drums

If you wish to learn how to play drums, then several avenues are open today. Several websites offer beginning drum lessons videos. These drum lessons are usually designed to educate novices to learn how to play drums. Further, many sites offer help to even seasoned professional drum players to learn new fills and beats. Normally Casual leather canvas bag, the drum lessons start from the simplest beats, gradually leading you to learn beats that are more complicated.At the outset, you would be expected to learn how sheet music is to be read and how time should be counted. These drum lessons form the essential basics of music as well drum playing. The next set of lessons would teach you the simple beats that every drummer needs to learn in the beginning. They would be followed by the several variations in the drumbeats that form the higher levels. The next levels are generally classified as intermediate levels and advanced levels.The first step in beginning drum lessons is to understand the importance of hi-hats and playing them properly. These hi-hats could be played either with the drumstick when the hi-hats remain closed. For this, you need to use your left foot on the pedal of the hi-hats. Otherwise, you could play the hi-hats with the help of your foot also canvas beach cheap, by using your foot to open and alternatively close the hi-hats.Next, you should learn to play the ride cymbal. The main purpose of the ride cymbal is to keep the timing steady in playing the drumbeats. The ride cymbal stokes are played with the drumstick on the part lying between the bell and the edge of the ride cymbal. This part is known as the �bow�. After that, you would learn to play the snare drum and the bass drum. This would be followed by drum lessons on playing the Tom Toms.The most important point in learning how to play drums is to count time. Time counting should come naturally to a good drummer. Unless you are able to count time properly, you would not be able to play the notes of the sheet music properly. You should be able to understand the counting of drumbeats and the relationship of the subdivisions to each other. Initially Fashion canvas shoulder handbag, you could start with tapping the timing on a single drum. The first lesson would be on the quarter notes and the eighth notes. Learn how to play the drum with these notes separately. Then you should learn how to combine the quarter and the eighth notes. This would be followed by the lessons on sixteenth notes and combining the sixteenth notes with the eighth notes and finally combining all the three types of notes.Another chief aspect in beginning drum lessons is to keep you highly motivated all the time. Any lacking in motivation would adversely affect your interest in learning the drum lessons in real earnest. Constant practice and keen interest in learning more and more complicated drumbeats is also quite significant in drum lessons. Remember that beginning drum lessons is quite easy but should be backed up with hard work.

If you wish to learn how to play drums, then several avenues are open today. Several websites offer beginning drum lessons videos. These drum lessons are usually designed to educate novices to learn how to play drums. Further, many sites offer help to even seasoned professional drum players to learn new fills and beats. Normally SLR camera shoulder bag 1 camera 2 lens, the drum lessons start from the simplest beats, gradually leading you to learn beats that are more complicated.