Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ledu to build the children health natural adorable

With the unique romantic style run in the same groove, persist in one's old ways of creative, structure, color Ledu in concise outline and low-key attitude to create children's taste of the new fashion at the same time, will dress safety in the first place, made Ledu the maternal love and concern ingenious fusion of the season the trend of fashion design the essence of.

Warm but not dull, happy but not without exaggeration, fashion, elegant but not dull this is every 2011 New autumn and winter (Ledu) children as consumers feel directly.
Into the children's winter hot period, children's wear fabrics security become the parents for their children in the selection of clothes when most issue of concern.
While the practical health and fashion the coexistence of product characteristics is Ledu special consistent pursuit, also be Ledu always not principle.Based on the international fashion trends and accurate grasp of fashion psychology of children of in-depth study, Ledu garment material in ensuring safety at the same time, the lively, lovely, naivete of children's nature, and fashion elements into R & D design, wearing special products of Ledu children in behavior, bloom peculiar generous, fun, lively and dynamic fashion.

The selection of children for clothing, safety, health is the most important prerequisite.Boy girl baby styles, comfortable fabrics, become Ledu 2011 new flagship design concept.Hooded nitrile cotton plaid coat, hat with villous decoration, warm.
Hem and cuff rib edge, asymmetric button design, convenient wearing.The plaid design, simple and generous, baby is the ideal winter warm clothing.Children's physical weakness, resistance is poor, as a child of the second layer of protective film, Ledu children's wear full consideration of children's physiological characteristics, soft, breathable, comfortable, safe, healthy.
The finished products from procurement, production to packaging and shipment, each link after rigorous scientific processing, in line with the State Environmental requirements.
Secondly, from the functional fabrics and comfort to choose appropriate kids.
Pastel lovely conjoined clothes, wear convenient snap cardigan, lined with cotton material, having a comfortable touch, for free, in front of lovely prints, full of fun.Children in lively, no protective clothing consciousness, Ledu's strong, durable, selected material is not easy to wear, children's range of motion, skin sensitivity is high, Ledu children's wear design fully consider the clothes wearing comfort and rapid moisture wicking fabric function, so that not only wear comfortable, nature and can greatly demonstrate their purity and spirituality, and can give a person a kind of elegant, intelligent.

Finally, according to the benefit of the children's growth and development to choose the right style children's clothing.Hooded jacket, lined with plush design, warm and comfortable army green fanny pack, warm feeling in winter.
Cuff hem, the cold wind.Simple solid, side cardigan design Classic messenger bag small for mens KHAKI, convenient wearing, give full consideration to the nature of the child, the child is in the developmental stage, should by loose natural leisure clothing, wearing fine appearance, free and easy, relaxed relaxation clothes, usually play games, sports, very convenient, is conducive to the development of physical, can give a person a kind of gentle and lovely, comfortable, casual feeling.

The first quality, after the brand, Ledu in France for nearly 70 years successful sales can be reflected from the side of the brand of quality assurance.As Chinese market entrants, we will to higher standards, more stringent quality control of elongation, so that consumers feel in top fashion at the same time, on product quality truly.
Ledu special each manufacturer the equipment audit, social audit and security audit.In the production process, quality inspection personnel stationed in Ledu, long in the first line of production yellow Mini retro messenger bag, and the control of each line, each kind of safety supervision of active dye is added, and the production staff to conduct regular training.


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