Monday, April 9, 2012

The 09 summer bold harmonic dazzling color

09 spring and summer show, exaggeration Army green Backpacking, colorful palette makeup splendor Unisex hiking rucksack, learn the creative drama inspired encase canvas handbag, bold and dazzling color, the multilayer halo and contrast collision color into full play, plus the shiny diamond and Pearl textured punchline, visual tension full.

Gradient halo
With forehead and eye color, blooming out strong yet gentle makeup effect, black eyeliner sketch let eyes more clearly.
Gorgeous orange
Eye and lip that wipe the bright yellow, let nude make-up becomes eye-catching, and colorful colorful orange turban echo, natural transition, but added a few minutes of extravagance.

High profile blue yellow
Blue and yellow are the most common color, is also extremely sharp contrast color collision, flexible control of color ratio is very important.
Eye cheek color
Light makeup how to seem far glory?In the eye with few shining gems, or in cheek stain some color, are the punchline have great originality.

Dazzling blazing red
A large area of rendering enthusiastic red, then no other color cast, enough to make you become the focus of public attention.
Beautiful colorful
The saturation of high colour mix, can bring a memorable visual impact, color soft transitions between makeup feeling harmony is the key.


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