Tuesday, April 24, 2012

With clothes for string Bono played the cultural brand of rhythm

To culture brand, with artistic foil connotation, to process the concise quality is the Annunciation bird shape brand 100 years Albert cornerstone.In recent years, using the brand annotation dimension, Bono continued to show the cultural pursuit and praise, hope to national spirit in brand extension and diffusion, and continued to become the Chinese nation to create a luxury brand.
It is based on this kind of desire, fine series of gestation and became news towards the international top brands of pioneering work.
For news, the Chinese dress in the situation of East West rhyme, antiquity new law under the remodeling of typical national culture symbols and distinctive national costume language of the two elements.
New releases to moving the world brilliant.Because the clothes of Chinese meaning is not confined to practical, more shows the cultural spreading form, also means that the awakening of the national consciousness and national culture identity.

Elegant, noble taste, style, bearing news service
For China the remodeling on sublimation, rather than a Chinese elements interspersed.With oriental civilization as the main body, aided by Western cutting techniques is the core design concept.
At the same time, China's long clothing culture inheritance but also for the designers to provide a rich creative resources.In the culture of agglomeration artistic inspiration, to traditional materials, process, details Messenger sling bag khaki for women, shape version as the basis, combined with modern materials, concepts, finally give birth to both eastern and Western fine works restrained passion.

Focusing on luxury Chinese men, and looks at the profound cultural background of the upper-class social success, keep clothes series were doomed to brand culture and even luxury intersecting the development mode.
This model will drive consumer groups to form a kind of life ideology and the upper classes of society promoted by live model, and bring out the Oriental man Confucianism elegant temperament, unique taste and noble connotation.
Therefore pink Cool purse for women, keep clothes is not only comply with the requirements of the times products, but also becomes a symbol of, be affixed with strong ethnic flavor label.
Traditional, business, fashion, fine interpretation of bird of announce good news tendency
As a kind of reverence, keep trying to exit the stage of history with 1600 years of history of traditional crafts brocade and the current four famous embroidery and other Chinese best craft into the fashion avant-garde modern clothes design, so as to draw the outline of Chinese traditional dress charm.
Keep clothes series covers Chinese dress, shirt, vest, Chinese clothes, T-shirt, jacket, trousers, sweaters, Nepal to overcome a variety of category, at the same time to shoes, bag, jewelry and furniture products, artwork and other peripheral products expand, form independent luxury network.

Traditional luxury, commerce Tangzhuang, Tangzhuang daily three categories, can fully meet the senior banquet, business professionals and has a unique taste of fashion, young people demand.High quality materials, exquisite workmanship, and concise, atmospheric traditional fashion style, will become the spokesman of the national high-end apparel brand.

Current, Chinese market of costume brands and did not form a complete set, still in the low-end standard.News devoted to create fine luxury brand initiatives, is bound to the apparel market form a shock.
But, as the first Chinese News Tangzhuang brand sales in the European market grey Canvas shoulder bag, in enjoy opportunities at the same time, but also for the Chinese quintessence penetration to the world contribute force.


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