Monday, April 16, 2012

The sun and the sea met photographer Feng Hai Valentine tracts love mask

Let the fresh sea breeze blow summer heat, with a graceful blue Canvas college backpack, leisurely charm, enjoy relaxed beautiful sun and sea meet, unlimited extension of the horizon.Transparent or opaque white, show the Mediterranean leisure, relaxed feeling.
Left: blue and white striped Bikini PAUL SHARK AGN s B รจ white trousers with white leather shoes AGN keyword s b right: white one-piece vest DIESEL White Chiffon Skirt DIESEL blue with white dots with the AGN keyword s B I can't write, had to borrow my friend Liao Yimei's words, to identify these words is not difficult, because of her book there are many left me a pencil -- all love is sorrow, but even so, still we know that the most beautiful things.
Love is like a disease, an easily in the early summer of the infection, I have to heal it, because it's not worth mentioning, it is fleeting, it is subtle, it makes a good is ugly, seductive cry......In life we will encounter to leave her beloved person pain canvas backpack promo, it may be breaking up, may also be death, that even though we have prepared also unable to bear.
The only human should accept education is how to face such a pain, but no one ever taught me, we are only silently bear silently, fumble, silent despair.One day canvas duffle bags for him, when I realize that we do not have the talent to achieve happiness, young when long-term suffering my pain away.


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  1. I know words are strong, they can arouse emotions, but after reading your blog I realized how true it is. The words you used in your blog are so adorable.